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And Poof, Hib Disease Disappeared

by Sharon Humiston, MD, MPH

When my Dad was growing up, one of his brothers died of an infection that would not have killed a child today. Obviously, having his brother die affected him so he sometimes invited us to imagine what it would be like to grow up in the days when children were helpless against serious infections...

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A Healthy Life

by Emma Calvet

When I think of the value of vaccination, I think about the healthy life I have led. When I was younger, people did not debate whether or not to vaccinate their children. I do not remember getting most of my vaccines, but I remember never missing school and seldom being sick.

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The Difference Vaccines Make

by Shannon Duffy Peterson

As a mother of four children whose ages span from 18 years to age 4, I can say that raising the first two in the late ‘90s, when there were fewer vaccinations offered for protection of our children’s health, was a whole different story, compared to today.

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