by Emma Calvet

When I think of the value of vaccination, I think about the healthy life I have led.

IT'S PERSONAL AS WE SEE IT EMMA CALVETWhen I was younger, people did not debate whether or not to vaccinate their children. I do not remember getting most of my vaccines, but I remember never missing school and seldom being sick.

Most of my friends also received their vaccinations, and they too had very healthy childhoods.

In college, I studied abroad in China, and visited Malaysia, India, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic. Before each of these trips, my physician recommended a visit to the travel clinic where I received a few new vaccines.

For the minor inconvenience that these vaccines caused, such as some redness and swelling at the injection site, I had the opportunity to really explore and discover these countries. Again, I never fell ill, and returned home healthy with only wonderful memories of all these trips.

Vaccines have allowed me to live the life I want to live. They have allowed me to travel the world without falling ill. They allowed me to be healthy.