by Lynn Bozof

lynn-familyWhen it comes to vaccine-preventable diseases, I’ve had good times and I’ve had one very bad time.

The good times were when we prevented what we could prevent, and our family was as healthy as can be.

The bad time, which haunts me always, is the loss of my son to meningitis—a vaccine-preventable disease. He was only 20 years old.

I am a very strong pro-vacciner and know that the value of vaccination lies in the millions of lives that have been saved.

I’m also a grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. When my surviving son and his wonderful wife were expecting their second child, and recommendations came out about grandparents receiving a pertussis booster to protect the newborn, my husband and I immediately hopped on the Vaccine Express to get our boosters.

There was no way we would take a chance with the health of someone we dearly love. I know it also gave my son and his wife peace of mind.

Thank goodness for vaccines—good health is a precious commodity.