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The Difference Vaccines Make

by Shannon Duffy Peterson

As a mother of four children whose ages span from 18 years to age 4, I can say that raising the first two in the late ‘90s, when there were fewer vaccinations offered for protection of our children’s health, was a whole different story, compared to today.

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Influenza: An Unwanted Present

by Laura Scott, Executive Director, Families Fighting Flu

“I have a fever.” Those four dreaded words that make any mom cringe when she hears them during flu season. But, for once, it wasn’t one of my daughters. Instead, it was my husband, Jeremy, who is normally always healthy.

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One Thing And Another

by Trish Parnell

If you are vaccinated against pneumonia, your risk of hospitalization for that disease goes down. Because you’re less likely to be hospitalized for pneumonia, you’re also less likely to have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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by VOV Volunteers

Our bodies have immune systems that fight off disease. The immune system is made up of cells, glands, organs, and fluids located throughout the body.

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Only One Dose

by Jennie Harris, PhD, MPH

Though I’ve worked in public health for a decade, I’ve never thought about rubella, a.k.a. German measles, until a recent project required me to.

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by Trish Parnell

Ebola isn’t a common infection. That’s probably why there’s no vaccine for it. Putting the years and funding necessary into creating a vaccine that may not see much use or get a big financial return on investment doesn’t spur manufacturers into committing resources.

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Making Measles A Memory

by Alan Hinman, MD

What’s the value of vaccination? The answer to that question may be different for each of us. For me, measles is the best example. I graduated from medical school in 1961, two years before measles vaccine was introduced in the United States. That year, 428,919 cases of measles and 434 deaths due to measles were reported in the United States.

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