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Crying Baby Symphony | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Perfect harmony – children around the world receiving vaccines. There are a few international truths about vaccines.First, unsuspecting babies start to cry the moment the needle enters their skin. And second, despite those few painful moments, these children will be protected from disease for their lifetime. We think that babies’ cries associated with receiving vaccines are a beautiful thing because we know it means that they will lead healthier lives. Learn more at

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Cervical Cancer: The Real Lady Killer

This 12-minute film in the BBC’s “Kill or Cure?” series uncovers the challenges of preventing and treating cervical cancer in Africa and highlights exciting new opportunities for dramatically reducing the toll of disease. The BBC crew follows Sarah Nyombi—Ugandan member of parliament, trained midwife, and women’s health advocate—as she explores the landscape of cervical cancer. Produced by PATH and Rockhopper Productions (2009). For more information, visit or

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