Who We Are

We are individuals and groups who find value in vaccination. What does “value” mean, exactly? Turns out, it depends on whom you ask.

Join us in the conversation, and let’s figure out together how to identify and share the concept of the value of vaccination.

We’d love to hear from you!

This program is supported by a host of volunteers, along with financial support from PKIDs, which receives funding from parents of children affected by disease, individuals, corporations, government, and foundations – this includes unrestricted grants from pharmaceutical companies.

As a parent group, our highest priority has always been to seek the best care for our own families, and to prevent others from being harmed by infectious diseases. The policies we set and the paths we take to accomplish our goals have been and will always be determined by those we serve and our Board, independent of other organizations, pharmaceutical companies, governments or multi-lateral agencies.

Do you represent an organization? Send us your logo and we’ll share it here to show your group’s support of the value of vaccination.

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